Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twitter Language, 6 Pixels, Memes and Social Media Dashboards

Welcome to the second class! It was great to meet all of you and I am very excited for an awesome semester and class. Having students who are engaged and interested in the subject matter is fantastic!

Today we will be covering Twitter Language, memes, social media dashboards and visiting 6 Pixels of Separation in the Great Hall. So let's get started. I am going to walk you through some tweets and we'll breakdown what things mean together. The following video explains some of the uses of #hashtags with examples. Using Twitter Search you can follow some amazing events and discussions.

Check out the #TEDxUBC hashtag, sadly all tweets disappear from Twitter search in 7 days. Now lets head to the great hall for 6 Pixels of Separation... So Let's Go!

After we get back I will be discussing memes, internet memes and how to take advantage of what's hot in the world of 'viral'. Viral marketing is a misnomer as a marketer can hope to create a viral video or viral sensation but can't guarantee it or plan on it. Attempting to illicit LOL, WTF and OMG with your 'viral' media is the formula most likely to create success.

Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow Song
Double Rainbow Taco Bell/KFC
Double Rainbow Microsoft Ad
Double Rainbow iPhone Ap

Old Spice Guy @ teens
Old Spice Guy @ women
New Spice Guy

In the last part of class today I will be introducing you to Hootsuite and Tweetdeck and we'll have a class discussion about the FABs (features, advantages, benefits) of each tool. Please be prepared to discuss each tool from your perspective. New users opinions are the most interesting to me.

Lab Part 1 - MemeTown
You will be asked to find and present a meme to the class. Please describe: Why it caught on in your opinion. What elements of OMG, LOL and WTF are present? How could a business, individual or organization take advantage of this meme to gain exposure?

Lab Part 2 - TweetBox
Tweet once "@kempedmonds" with a message about something you learned today.
Tweet a shortened link to something of value to your classmates and include "#MDIA2045"
Tweet a question on Twitter about something you want to learn about and include "#MDIA2045"
Tweet and follow @mackflavelle @groosterVan and @daveohoots. Your tweet should let them know how excited you are to have them speak to your class or what you hope to learn from them. Include "#MDIA2045"
Retweet a tweet from #TEDxUBC that has a link to something you found interesting in it.

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