Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TED, Alignment & Homework

It is with great pleasure that BCIT welcomes Vancouver's Digital pioneer Kris Krug who is teaching a different group of students in the New Media and Web Development program this exact course! Kris teaches on Thursdays and in order to keep our classes aligned we will bringing the two courses together in terms of major components and general direction. You did get a head start and a sneak preview of some of the web's newest trends!

Social technologies and the internet are changing our culture at an incredibly rapid pace or as @BADavid said the other day the pace of acceleration is accelerating exponentially. These changes may be new to the masses but as US NOW, arguable the first feature film about social networks. It's from the UK and was made in 2008. The clip above is a short version of the film I created. You can view the feature length film at your leisure for free on YouTube.

TED is an amazing organization fostering the newest and most interesting ideas in our world today. They bring those talks together in one place so that the world can benefit from the knowledge of some of our greatest thinkers. TED talks are great for a short getaway from coding or the perfect spot to get your brain thinking about different solutions, different directions and new ideas. Today we are going to take things down a notch and introduce you to TED and a number of videos that make understanding social technologies easier to understand the major tools in the social technology revolution

  1. Create accounts on (you may be half finished already!): 
  2. Create profiles on your new accounts – add avatar photos, bio information, links
  3. Create a post on your WordPress.com and link it to your new profiles
  • include in your blog post links to other social network profiles
  • watch any 2 videos from TED Talks and write a 2 paragraph review of each

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