Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Class +1

Well it's come to an end. I hope you found this course informative and that it at least met your expectations. This class is about the business of internet communications. To choose the date for our makeup class I have used a great scheduling tool called Doodle. Be sure to choose your preferred time for the class HERE. Please choose the three best times for you. I hope as a group or as individuals you've decided what you'd like to cover today. I have a few things in mind, but let's do what you want today.

As promised please let me know how to improve the course in your opinion by filling out the following:

I also want you to try out and check out Tungle.me. It's an awesome web-based scheduling tool. The best thing about it is people don't have to be registered users to schedule a meeting with you.

My backup plan if you don't know what you want to learn about is have a crash course in Internet Marketing (follow this link for a workshop). HubSpot White Papers!!! Here's our first video for today. It's about SEO and email marketing:

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday - Email Marketing and SEO.

What is Inbound Marketing? What is Outbound Marketing? Think abot the metaphor of the magnet and the broom. The following video is a funny, brief overview of Inbound Marketing:

What is Content Strategy? Besides the buzz word for 2011 Content Strategy is an integral part of your overall internet marketing strategy. Here is a great little video that describes what Content Strategy is:

GUEST SPEAKER: It is with great pride I introduce the star of this amazing video... Jon Becker! He will be joining us after the break today to tell us about his journey from this program to an important role with one of Vancouver's top internet marketing companies.

Last but certainly not least if you are interested in getting a broad and expert picture of what social means to business in the next 5 years please join me at this book launch that I am throwing for Jay Baer one of the leader's in social media for business.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's Get Down to Business

I have to apologize about my forgetting we had class the first week of the year. Things came up fast and I made an error. I would like to make up that class if that is what you would like or you could get your money's worth coming to me for connections, internships, advice and more. Really I am willing to do whatever it takes to win you guys over. So let me know what you'd like. Another class in a bar with a couple speakers later on this year? Let me know.

Today it's about business. Business use cases. Your impressions. What's obvious working? What's obviously not working? Let's talk about it. Below are a number of link to business practices with social networks and social media. What are some campaigns that have worked on you on social media?

Scott Stratten - The Biz Media Sessions.  @unmarketing
Social technologies are about a whole lot more than just marketing. Some of the uses of these technologies are: customer service, fundraising, making art, crowd-sourcing solutions, professional networking and thought leadership. Let's get an overview by going through a few of the first and strongest use cases...

As our first exercise you will each be asked to research a business use case of social media for 15 minutes and then some of you will be called on to tell the class what you learned about the business use you noted.

The Mashable Collection

150+ Social Media Policy Examples - A MUST SEE DATABASE

Social Media is Dead? A few informative presentations...

Assignments & Grades
Let's go through your assignments to date and your final assignment. Everyone has done a good job on attendance and participation marks are strong for most students. Completing the assignments listed below and submitting the final assignment will nearly guarantee you a passing grade.

You will be marked based on your level of completion of the given assignments listed here:
NOTE: The brief descriptions are not the entire assignment please follow each link and ensure that you've done each step in the assignment as listed at the bottom of each post.

Final Assignment
Your final assignment is to evaluate your own use of social networks this semester. Choose 5 of the networks you've explored and use at least 500 word each to describe your experience with the 5 networks. This assignment should be at least 2500 words. For full marks each 500 word section will answer the following questions:
  1. What was your experience with each network?
  2. How you can improve your use?
  3. How would or wouldn't use this tool for business?
  4. Did you find any articles or advice on this tool? Please link to at least two.
You may submit the final assignment by posting it to your blog and emailing me a link to kemp_edmonds@bcit.ca You can also submit the assignment by attaching it to an email and sending it to me.

Your final homework is not for marks but for your own information. As a group please decide what you would like to cover in the final class next week. Let me know 5-10 topics that you want to learn more about and I will talk to those topics and as a group we can explore them further.

Thanks for being such an amazing class. Next week you will also have a chance to fill out anonymous course surveys. I will probably has a short survey of my own for you with specific questions focused on improving this course.