Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roundtable & Facebook for Business

We are going to start off class today by coming together without our computers. We will get together as a group for the first part of class for each of you to discuss the challenges and experiences you have had with social media thus far. I will ask each of you about the homework you were asked to complete.

Facebook for Business and FBML are the main topic for today's class. Today you are all going to learn how to do a few different things within Facebook pages. Here is a one page step-by-step guide I have created for this task.

Involver is one of many products out there that will create custom Facebook tabs for other social media properties. There are other options but for today's lesson and example we will be using this free tool. Now that you've been introduced to the new tools it's time to put them into practice. Remember that your Facebook page is private unless you choose to publish it so don't worry about it. You may be asked to show your page and its elements in a class in the future so do your best.

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Add a custom FBML tab
  • Add a linked image and a Google Form to the FBML tab
  • Add two Involver tabs to your Facebook page
  • Get excited for next week's field trip to McLean's. 5pm Sharp.
  • Check the class blog for an update Monday night

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